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Our Client Care Team is happy to assist with Customer Applications, Orders, Billing, Website Support, Vet Services/Smart Reco, and Royal Start/Recommendation Portal.

Monday-Thursday 7:30AM- 5:30PM CST

Friday 7:30AM-5PM CST

(Hours for U.S. Customers Only)

(888) 213-4486

*Minimum age for form submission is 16 years*

The personal data obtained from the form is retained for responding and not used for marketing purposes.

Additional Support We Offer

Nutritional Advisors

Check out the Nutritional Advisors page for more information regarding
 Royal Canin product recommendations, nutritional advisement, or to learn more about Royal Canin's science driven innovations.

Crown Partners

Check out the Crown Partners page to learn more about the Crown Partners RewardsTM Program and exclusive membership benefits.