Feeding Programs

Royal Canin delivers precise nutritional solutions so dogs can perform at their best. The physical and mental demands placed on working dogs mean they naturally require a higher energy diet. But not all working dogs perform the same role – which is why Royal Canin has adapted its products to meet the physiological demands of different activities.

Nutrition has a key role to play in preparing dogs for the physical and mental exertion of their job. Each type of activity places different demands on the dog’s body – and each of Royal Canin’s products offers a fully targeted solution.

Cat & Dog Feeding Programs | Royal Canin
Cat & Dog Feeding Programs | Royal Canin

Feeding Programs Benefits

  • Dedicated ordering and technical support
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Fast and free direct delivery to your front door
  • No minimum order
  • Exclusive Lifestyle Health Nutrition™ formulas not available in retail stores

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