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Earn exclusive rewards on our complete range of premium nutrition, from heat to healthy adulthood — and other perks to support your breeding program.

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Premium Nutrition from Heat through Healthy Adulthood

  • Exclusive access to reproduction diets: HT 42d and Starter formulas
  • Special Crown Partner pricing: Up to 25% savings vs. retail and larger bag sizes

10% back in Crown Credit rewards on purchases

Get Rewarded When You Send Recommendations Digitally

You can use the Recommendation Portal to send recommendations to pet owners before your puppies even go home — helping to keep them on the premium nutrition that helps support a healthy life. Even better, you also get rewards for recommending Royal Canin.

Earn $6 for every recommendation you make on the Recommendation Portal*

Earn $4 when your pet owner makes a first purchase from your digital recommendation*

Earn $8 when your pet owner opts in to Autoship on their first purchase

As a Crown Partner, you can earn unlimited rewards. Crown Credit rewards will be updated on your account monthly and are valid for up to 6 months.

*The Recommendation and First Purchase must be done on or before the take-home date entered in the Recommendation Portal.

Sending a Digital Recommendation: See How Easy It Is!

Free Take-Home Puppy Kits

As a Crown Partner, you get eight free Puppy Kits per quarter. Need more? When you use the Recommendation Portal, you get one kit for every digital recommendation you make. Unlock the full power of your recommendation when you use the Recommendation Portal and Puppy Kits.

Royal Start is a free breeder management platform that’s designed to simplify your breeding program by helping you to stay organized and easily share information with new pet owners.

Track Health and Growth


  • Visualize health data
  • Track weight from birth
  • Manage documentation

Connect with New Pet Owners


  • Share photos and moments
  • Schedule bookings
  • Recommend a formula


Streamline Processes


  • Track fertility windows, breeding dates, gestation and litter births
  • Set plans for multiple litters
  • Visualize tasks and due dates


Expert Support When You Need It

  • Access to veterinarians, nutritionists and other breeders
  • Live and on-demand education.
  • Exclusive Crown Partner helpline.


Become a Crown Partner to start taking advantage of premium nutrition with exclusive perks for your shelter or rescue.

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