Make a difference for cats, clients and your clinic

Did you know half of all cats in the United States don't receive veterinary care on a regular basis? That’s why Royal Canin created the Take Your Cat to the Vet campaign, also known as #Cat2Vet, to raise awareness of the importance of preventive care to help cats live happier, healthier lives. While the official day falls on August 22, we are excited to support the initiative throughout the month of August and beyond. We hope you’ll join us.

You and your team are at the center of the solution for cat health, and in order to support you better, we’ve created this official #Cat2Vet page where you can find several tools and resources, including:

  • #Cat2Vet playbook and a digital toolkit to implement at your clinic
  • Complimentary Ask.Vet teletriage service for your clinic and clients
  • Cat-specific continuing education opportunities for you and your team
  • More about our industry partners
  • Tailored nutrition for every cat

Your #Cat2Vet playbook and toolkit

We’ve created a #Cat2Vet Playbook to give you an overview of the campaign, as well as guidance on how you can use all of the tools and resources shown on this page. The tools you will find in this section are meant to help you and your team communicate and connect more with your current and potential cat clients.

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Continuing education for you and your team

Throughout August, we’ll be celebrating #Cat2Vet with continuing education opportunities for you and your colleagues on feline-focused scientific programming. Beginning August 17, we hope you will join us for a full week of cat-specific continuing education presented by leading experts in cat care.

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Tailored Nutrition for Every Cat

Our mission at Royal Canin is to help cats and dogs thrive at every stage of life. That’s why we’ve developed premium diets to support the health of every cat, regardless of breed, age, health condition or lifestyle. Our Healthy Pet Diets are formulated to support cats at every life stage from baby cats to aging cats, even specific breeds and cats with common sensitives. Our Veterinary Diets are highly palatable with formulas tailored to address a number of feline health concerns, including Urinary, Dermatology, Renal Support, Weight Management and Gastrointestinal. For an overview of our entire cat portfolio, check out our Feline At-A-Glance document.

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