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Welcome to Vet Talk with Royal Canin

A series of podcasts that address an array of topics for veterinarians and veterinary clinics

We understand that veterinarians often face a unique set of challenges and circumstances, and these podcasts address some of those that occur most commonly. Hear wisdom as well as some advice FROM veterinarians specifically FOR veterinarians.

The series is moderated by Brenda Andresen, founding partner of The Bridge Club, the first video-based community created to enable industry professionals to connect, engage, learn and grow in just 25 minutes.

Encouraging Cat Owners to
Bring Their Cats to the Vet

featuring Dr. Catherine Lenox and Jane Brunt, DVM

Less than half of all cats in the US visit the veterinarian regularly. While it is difficult to transport the pet, another factor is the experience when arriving to the clinic. Hear tips and tricks for making practices more comfortable for cats and their owners, making the transporting process simpler and why it is so important to see more cats in your practice.

Dr. Catherine Lenox

Dr. Catherine Lenox received her veterinary degree from the University of Missouri in 2007. After veterinary school, she completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship at Colorado State University and a residency in veterinary clinical nutrition at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. She was board certified by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition in 2011. Lenox spent three years in clinical practice at a large specialty hospital prior to joining the Royal Canin team in August 2014. She is currently Scientific Affairs Manager at Royal Canin USA.

Dr. Jane Brunt

CATalyst Council Executive Director
American Association of Feline Practitioners Past President

Dr. Brunt, CATalyst Council Executive Director, is one of the leading feline practitioners in the United States, having practiced feline-exclusive medicine for more than twenty years. Her practice philosophy of striving for excellence, providing compassionate care with empathy and courteous service while fostering the special bond has earned her accolades from her professional colleagues and her feline patients’ owners.

In 1984, only four years after finishing veterinary school at Kansas State University, Dr. Brunt founded Cat Hospital At Towson (CHAT) in Baltimore, Maryland, the first feline-exclusive veterinary hospital in the state. Dr. Brunt opened a second practice, the Cat Hospital Eastern Shore in Cordova, Md., in June of 2001. Both hospitals became accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association in 2002.

Through her 23-year membership in the American Association of Feline Practitioners, Dr. Brunt has participated in the veterinary and public discourse of many feline issues. Dr. Brunt served as AAFP president in 2006.

Dr. Brunt has co-authored articles in several peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA) and the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (JFMS), and has been cited in several consumer print publications such as Cat Fancy and Cat Watch. She has appeared on radio and television to educate the public about numerous cat health issues.

The Future of the Veterinary Industry

featuring Dr. Chris Carpenter and Dr. Brent Mayabb

The future of the veterinary industry begins now. Many veterinarians knew from an early age that they wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Hear personal stories from current veterinarians and their career paths, discuss current trends in veterinary medicine and provide tips on how current veterinarians and technicians can support aspiring vets/techs.

Dr. Chris Carpenter

Dr. Chris Carpenter has worked for years to help tweens and teens explore their dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Dr. Carpenter is also a published author. His latest book “Vet Set Go!” was written to solve a problem most future veterinarians face.

Dr. Carpenter holds a license to practice veterinary medicine in multiple states throughout the US. He is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the National Science Teachers Association. In addition to his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Carpenter holds a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from the University of Florida and a Masters of Business Administration from New Hampshire College.

Today, in addition to his work with Vet Set Go, Dr. Carpenter directs the non-profit Companion Animal Parasite Council. An organization that is dedicated to keeping pets and people protected from parasitic diseases. Dr. Carpenter now lives in St. Augustine, Florida, with his wife, daughter and a goofy Labradoodle named Jackson.

Dr. Brent Mayabb

Dr. Brent Mayabb is a veterinarian with both private practice and veterinary industry experience. He currently serves as the Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Chief Veterinary Officer for Royal Canin USA. Dr. Mayabb manages a team that builds relationships with pet owners, veterinarians, veterinary specialists, regulators, government officials and non-profits to share knowledge and build the company’s reputation as thought leaders. He also acts as the veterinary voice for the US business and represents the company in both internal and external forums on pet health and nutrition. Dr. Mayabb serves as one of Royal Canin’s official spokespeople and works directly with various groups in the animal health industry to bring our point-of-view to relevant topics.

Prior to this role, he served as a Technical Service Veterinarian, Technical Service Team Lead and Manager of Learning and Development for Royal Canin. Before joining Mars, Dr. Mayabb worked in a small animal practice in Granite City, IL. He continues to do relief work in a small animal practice in St. Louis, MO, and is also an event volunteer at the Animal Protective Association of Missouri. He graduated from Murray State University with a degree in Chemistry and earned his DVM from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Mayabb and his wife, Julie (also a vet) have a cat named Tessa and dog named Eli.

Working with Referral Hospitals

featuring Dr. Cathy Meeks and Dr. Matt Jurikson

Referral care is becoming an increasingly common and important part of comprehensive veterinary care for pets. Thoughtful planning is crucial for everyone to have the most seamless experience. This podcast explores best practices in establishing relationships between the referral practices and general practitioners.

Dr. Cathy Meeks

Dr. Cathy Meeks started her veterinary career as a full time technician while getting her Master's degree in Forensic Toxicology. After veterinary school, she did an internship and then a residency in Internal Medicine as she enjoyed the investigative and diagnostic role of an internist. Her specific interests in internal medicine include immune mediated diseases and endocrinology.

In 2012, Dr. Meeks took on a lead veterinary role in a private practice as a Medical Director while continuing to practice medicine. In 2015, she became a Group Medical Director for Bluepearl, working with the hospitals in the Northeast. As her development in leadership continued, she was promoted to Regional Vice President of Medicine in 2019. She now helps to manage 15 hospitals in the Northeast.

Dr. Meeks enjoys running and any water sports including paddle boarding, fishing, swimming, etc. She has 2 rescue dogs, a 13 year old Jack Russel Terrier (Scrappy) and a 6 year old Doberman (Lainey).

Dr. Matt Jurikson

Dr. Matt Jurikson has extensive experience both in-clinic and within the veterinary industry. He has worked in both private and corporate veterinary practices and start-ups. After creating and leading a pet care center, including retail space, he served in various industry roles, including Director of Scientific Services for Royal Canin USA. He currently is an Associate Director of Major Accounts at Zoetis. Dr. Jurikson is skilled in building high-performing teams, strategy, operations and leadership. He continues to do relief work in veterinary clinics to stay current with clinical practice.

Dr. Jurikson received his VMD from the University of Pennsylvania and his MBA from The Wharton School of Business.

Finding Happiness
in Veterinary Medicine

featuring Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson and Dr. Laura Pletz

The statistics are staggering that male veterinarians were 2.1 times as likely and female veterinarians were 3.5 times as likely to die from suicide as were members of the U.S. general population. During this podcast, veterinarians will discuss finding happiness in veterinary medicine, by managing emotional wellbeing, creating a career that is sustainable, and combatting stress.

Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson

Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson has served the veterinary field for over 20 years. After graduating from the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, she practiced in both the large and small animal sectors. In 2007 Dr. Pope transitioned from running a veterinary practice to supporting and managing multiple veterinary hospital locations in a leadership position for a corporate veterinary practice. Drawing from her experience and knowledge in this leadership role Dr. Pope then took a position in the pharmaceutical industry where she specifically worked with veterinary specialists as well as veterinary schools. Her work during this time was focused on helping veterinary specialists develop and grow their practice and providing support and development opportunities to students and faculty at the colleges she worked with.

Dr. Pope’s medical experience, in addition to supporting over 200 veterinarians and their teams, provided her with a unique exposure to the ins and outs of the veterinary profession. From this experience, she has a strong understanding of the stresses involved with being a vet which can lead to a lack of fulfillment in the profession. Dr. Pope has found that helping others find the path to manage perfectionist tendencies as well as their personal shame while helping individuals to develop the skills of self-forgiveness and resilience is the foundation to a sustainable career in the Veterinary Medical industry.

Dr. Laura Pletz

Dr. Laura Pletz joined Royal Canin USA in September 2012 as the Technical Services Manager, leading a team of veterinary technicians in providing consultations and managing the consumer care function for Royal Canin USA. She was promoted to the position of Scientific Services Manager for the East US in 2016 to lead a team of veterinarians working in the field with a focus on key opinion leader and University outreach, as well as technical support for the veterinary sales team and their customers. Dr. Pletz has also worked closely with the communications team on public relations and serves as a spokesperson for Royal Canin USA.

Prior to joining Mars, Dr. Pletz worked in a small animal practice in Ballwin, MO, where she was also one of the practice owners. During this time, she was also a co-host of a local animal advice radio program. When not working, she is volunteering her time serving on the board of directors for the Women’s Veterinary Leadership Development Initiative.

Dr. Pletz conducted her undergraduate studies at the University of Missouri and then received her DVM from the University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine in 2000. Dr. Pletz and her two sons, Hayden and Brendan, reside in Wildwood, MO, and recently added to their family by adopting a 7-year-old cat named Dwight.

Talking to Pet Owners
About Nutritional Myths

featuring Dr. Catherine Lenox and Dr. Lisa Weeth

Consumers are being inundated with current trends and taking non-expert advice on nutrition. How do we help clinics overcome this challenge in order to have educated, scientific but consumer-friendly conversations with the pet owners they see.

Dr. Catherine Lenox

Dr. Catherine Lenox received her veterinary degree from the University of Missouri in 2007. After veterinary school, she completed a small animal medicine and surgery internship at Colorado State University and a residency in veterinary clinical nutrition at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. She was board certified by the American College of Veterinary Nutrition in 2011. Lenox spent three years in clinical practice at a large specialty hospital prior to joining the Royal Canin team in August 2014. She is currently Scientific Affairs Manager at Royal Canin USA.

Dr. Lisa Weeth

Like most veterinarians, Dr. Weeth has loved animals since she was a kid whether it was the stray kittens and puppies she convinced her parents she *needed* to rescue or the hours she spent working as a technician in veterinary clinics in high school and in college. She that graduated from the University of California (UC), Davis, first in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Evolution & Ecology and then again in 2002 with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM).

After graduating from veterinary school Dr. Weeth worked as a General Practice and Emergency veterinarian in the San Francisco Bay Area. Dr. Weeth then returned to UC Davis once again in 2004 to start a residency in Small Animal Clinical Nutrition. She completed the 3-year residency and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition (ACVN) in June of 2007. A month after that Dr. Weeth and her family moved to New Jersey where she to establish the first dedicated full-time Clinical Nutrition Department in a private veterinary hospital.

Dr. Weeth moved to practice in the UK and established Weeth Nutritional Services to provide Nutrition Telemedicine services to veterinarians in the US and UK. In 2016, she and her family relocated to Los Angeles where she began offering nutrition counseling and consulting to caregivers and veterinarians.

How to Have Uncomfortable
Conversations with your Clients

featuring Dr. Andy Roark and Dr. Megan Hill

Chances are, if a pet owner is overweight, his or her pets will be too. So how do you delicately broach the subject of their pet’s obesity? Among other topics, this discussion will address having difficult conversations with your clients without leaving both you and them feeling insulted or defeated.

Dr. Andy Roark

Dr. Andy Roark is a practicing veterinarian, international speaker, author, and media personality. He is the founder of the Uncharted Veterinary Conference and He has been an award-winning columnist for DVM360 and his popular Facebook page, website, podcast and YouTube show reach millions of people every month.

Dr. Roark has received the NAVC Practice Management Speaker of the Year Award three times, the Outstanding Young Alumni Award from the University of Florida’s College of Veterinary Medicine, and the Veterinarian of the Year Award from the South Carolina Association of Veterinarians. His greatest achievement involves marrying an educator and scientist and raising 2 kind and wonderful little girls.

Dr. Megan Hill

Dr. Megan Hill received her DVM from Colorado State University and has experience in a variety of practice settings focusing on preventative medicine and the human-animal bond. Since joining Royal Canin in 2014 as a Scientific Services Veterinarian, Dr. Hill has provided high-quality nutritional education for practicing veterinarians as well as Royal Canin Associates across North America. Dr. Hill is passionate about bringing nutrition to the front of veterinary consultations and helping the veterinary industry partner with pet owners to embrace science-based nutrition and its link to overall pet health.