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Welcome to Vet Talk with Royal Canin

A series of podcasts that address an array of topics for veterinarians and veterinary clinics

We understand that veterinarians often face a unique set of challenges and circumstances, and these podcasts address some of those that occur most commonly. Hear wisdom as well as some advice FROM veterinarians specifically FOR veterinarians.

The series is moderated by Brenda Andresen, Co-Chief Executive Officer at Stephens & Associates.

Feline and Canine Chronic Enteropathy Management

Featuring Dr. Megan Shepherd and Dr. Adam Rudinsky

Let’s talk both feline and canine chronic enteropathy management. As a whole, GI-related cases can put a strain on both veterinary practitioners and pet owners as they work to manage this disease, customize treatment plans, and continue to balance both nutritional and lifestyle factors impacting these pets. However, centering resiliency and persistence within the treatment of chronic enteropathy for both cats and dogs can make a world of difference as veterinarians work to provide a high level of care to these patients.

Technician-led Nutritional Advice Sessions

Featuring Jayme Chapman, BS, RVT and Rachel Beck, CVT, PMP

It’s no secret that veterinary technicians play a crucial role in the landscape of pet care. While technicians continue to specialize in many areas of expertise, a significant and often overlooked opportunity lies within pet nutrition. By empowering veterinary technicians to lead nutritional advice sessions, this can create opportunities for exceptional care that positively impact clinic revenue and technician engagement.

The key lies in unleashing the full potential of veterinary technicians through the creation of a dynamic system that efficiently maximizes the capabilities of both veterinarians and technicians. Nutritional advice sessions play a role in the quality care that supports both pet well-being and the overall wellbeing of the veterinary profession.

The Future of Veterinary Technicians

Featuring Bri Morrow, LVT, VTS (Nutrition) and Kara Burns, MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (Nutrition), VTS-H (Internal Medicine, Dentistry)

Veterinary technicians play an integral role within clinics and within the support networks for both pets and pet parents. Their skills are more in demand than ever, as the veterinary industry evolves to support a growing population of cats and dogs seeking care. The future of veterinary technicians can take many forms as each practitioner customizes their own professional development and carve their own path.

The Impact of Canine Atopic Dermatitis

Featuring Dr. Adrienne Bautista and Dr. Catherine Milley

Dermatology cases comprise approximately 20 percent or more of a veterinarian’s caseload. It’s not surprising given that dog owners most commonly recognize symptoms related to their pet’s skin. In fact, one in every 10 dogs can be affected by a disease called atopic dermatitis. There is no cure for this disease, and management is lifelong, often involving expensive, daily medications. Our panelists will discuss this issue and how to best counsel their clients through dermatology-related care, including the positive impact nutrition can have.

Mentorship and the New Veterinarian

Featuring Dr. Todd East and Dr. Addie Reinhard

Due to the unique technical skills and rigorous occupational demands, veterinarians are particularly suited to benefit from professional mentorship within the industry. Mentorship can serve as a mutually beneficial relationship between colleagues, often leading to additional support within professional development, retention, resiliency, and personal wellness. Cultivating these relationships is a valuable investment for new graduates and practitioners early in their career, as they begin to define their own best practices and continue to build their personal networks.

Managing Feline Dental Disease

Featuring Dr. Angela Hughes and Dr. Jennifer Alterman

Cats are skilled at hiding health problems, and cat owners may not always recognize when their pet is suffering from a health issue, especially one that impacts their cat’s oral and dental health. Dental disease can significantly impact their wellbeing, along with their ability to eat and get enough nutrients to sustain their overall health. Armed with the knowledge to identify and manage these elusive dental problems, join us as we explore the most common dental challenges encountered in feline practice and discuss strategies to support their health.

Feline Behavioral Health and Urinary Disease

Featuring Dr. Anne Ward and Dr. Kelly St. Denis

Cats are notorious for being complex, cryptic patients, and providing them with optimal care requires strategic observation and education for their veterinary providers and caregivers. Feline behavior impacts each animal’s urinary health, alongside other environmental factors and small differences than can differentiate from sickness and wellness. In this podcast episode, we will address the important connection between feline behavior and urinary health as veterinary clinics work to counsel their patients about the intersection of these factors within the lifestyles of their cats.

The Role of Sustainable Proteins within Pet Nutrition

Featuring Dr. Anne Ward and Caitlyn Dudas

Sustainability is the future of our industry as we work to create a better world for pets. Sustainable protein sources will continue to play a larger role in the diets of our cats and dogs as we look for sustainable paths to support their nutritional needs. However, veterinarians and petcare professionals have a role to play in consumer education as pet owners re-examine the environmental impact of what’s in their pet’s bowl. Proactive and informed conversations can break down these barriers and hesitancies that exist as the industry works to incorporate these ingredients to deliver a nutritional foundation to pets. The Pet Sustainability Coalition is a major player in partnering with brands and industry leaders to examine their environmental and social practices, making them the perfect thought leaders for this conversation.  

Changes to Veterinary Medicine as a Result of the COVID-19 Pandemic Episode 1

Featuring: Dr. Kirk Breuninger and Dr. Craig Datz

The COVID-19 pandemic had a dramatic effect on the veterinary industry and the lives of pets in general. The impact on the health of wellbeing of the cats and dogs we all love has been tremendous, and the way in which we care of them has been transformed. In this two-part podcast, veterinary experts discuss some of the trends they have seen as a result of the pandemic and where they see the veterinary industry heading as we all work to regain some normalcy in our everyday lives.

The Role of Newer Diagnostic Tools in Preventive Health Care

Featuring: Dr. Angela Hughes and Dr. Craig Datz

Data has become a buzz word that might even become a catch-all across a variety of industries. But when it comes to veterinary medicine, the power that data from diagnostic tools can provide for a veterinarian and a pet owner can truly make a difference in the preventive health care of cats and dogs. In this podcast, we will address some of the new and not so new diagnostic tools available for veterinary clinics and the impact they can have on the health of the cats and dogs under their care.

Proper Feline Handling Techniques for all Clinics

Featuring: Dr. Ilona Rodan and Dr. Craig Datz

There is often talk about making clinics more welcoming of their feline patients, but what REALLY is a cat friendly practice? We decided to straight to the source and ask one of the originators of this popular program that has been showing HUGE benefits for veterinarians, cat owners, and most especially the cats that we care for.

Lessons Learned in Veterinary Medicine

Featuring: Congressman Kurt Schrader and Dr. Brent Mayabb

It is often said that veterinarians discover their life calling before their teenage years, as their passion for animals begins early on. But most children believe they will remain practicing veterinarians for their entire careers. On this special episode of Vet Talk with Royal Canin, we are joined by two accomplished men whose passion for veterinary medicine has supported their careers, even when they took slightly different paths.

The Latest in Neonatal Care of Kittens and Puppies Part 2

Featuring: Dr. Marty Greer and Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine

In today’s episode of VetTalk with Royal Canin, we continue our discussion of the field of neonatology, including some of the concerns when caring for neonates, the latest research and innovation in the field, and why this work is important for the health and wellbeing of kittens and puppies.

The Latest in Neonatal Care of Kittens and Puppies Part 1

Featuring: Dr. Marty Greer and Dr. Emmanuel Fontaine

Neonatal and pediatric care is strikingly different than adult care due to the differing physiology of immature and adult animals. In today’s episode of VetTalk with Royal Canin we will discuss the field of neonatology, including some of the concerns when caring for neonates, the latest research and innovation in the field, and why this work is important for the health and wellbeing of kittens and puppies.

A Quick Guide to Veterinary Debt

Featuring: Meagan Landress and Dr. Brent Mayabb

Veterinarians often follow a passion that begins at a young age to pursue their career in order to help animals. But the necessary education is expensive, and many students finish school with a large amount of debt. This debt coupled with median paying jobs that haven’t kept pace can place tremendous pressure on graduates. On today’s episode of VetTalk with Royal Canin we will discuss the impacts debt has on graduating students, the various types of loan payments available, and how loan forgiveness works.

Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in Veterinary Medicine – Part 2

Featuring: Dr. Laura Pletz and Dr. Lisa Greenhill

Equity, inclusion, and diversity has been a hot topic, especially over the past year, and its direct tie to the veterinary industry is critical. In today’s episode of VetTalk with Royal Canin we will discuss what it means to be inclusive and diverse in veterinary medicine, trends in the industry, and perhaps most importantly, why this conversation matters currently and for the future of the industry.

Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity in Veterinary Medicine – Part 1

Featuring: Dr. Laura Pletz and Dr. Lisa Greenhill

Equity, inclusion, and diversity has been a hot topic, especially over the past year, and its direct tie to the veterinary industry is critical. In today’s episode of VetTalk with Royal Canin we will discuss what it means to be inclusive and diverse in veterinary medicine, trends in the industry, and perhaps most importantly, why this conversation matters currently and for the future of the industry.

Innovation in Veterinary Medicine

Featuring: Bob Betz and Dr. Liz Bales

Emerging technologies and innovation are buzz words these days across all industries. And the veterinary industry is no exception. With innovation having such a broad definition, this podcast addresses a few unique ways the industry continues to innovate and thoughts on the future of the industry.

Nutritional Management of Urinary Stones

Featuring: Dr. Craig Datz, Dr. Megan Sprinkle, and Dr. Martha Cline

In this nutrition episode of VetTalk with Royal Canin, we will be discussing one reason cats and dogs may present to the veterinarian, namely lower urinary tract disorders. We will specifically focus on urinary stones and the role nutrition can play in the management of these challenging cases.

The Latest Research on Puppy Microbiome

Featuring: Dr. Craig Datz, Dr. Jan Suchodolski

How often do you see puppies with gastrointestinal upset? Did you know that the GI microbiome has a significant influence on both healthy and disease states? We will hear from the world-renowned expert in microbiome research, Dr. Jan Suchodolski, on the latest research into the puppy microbiome and what we can learn about protecting the health of puppies from newborn to maturation.

The Impact of COVID on Veterinary Education

Featuring: Dr. Jodi Davis and Dr. Johanna (Joie) Watson

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our entire society, including all levels of education. Specific to veterinary education., universities quickly adapted their approach to teaching to best support the needs of their students in this changing environment. On today’s episode, we will discuss how UC Davis has shifted their teaching due the pandemic and what they are doing to create a community of support among their students and even other universities.

Who is a Nutritionist? Critical Care Nutrition

Featuring: Dr. Craig Datz, Dr. Megan Sprinkle, and Dr. Lindsay Bullen

Many cats and dogs present to veterinary emergency services with various types of illnesses. Addressing nutritional needs of these animals is critical to management and recovery. In this nutrition episode of VetTalk with Royal Canin, we will be discussing the importance of nutrition in critical care cases with veterinary nutritionists.

The Value Credentialed Veterinary Technicians Can Bring to Practice

Featuring: Brianne Morrow and Kelsey Carpenter

Credentialed veterinary technicians can be some of the most valuable members of a clinic team, but it can sometimes be a thankless job. Did you know there are so many incredible opportunities for veterinary technicians to contribute to the success of a business while finding fulfillment in their roles?

The Importance of Mentorship for Young Veterinarians

Featuring: Dr. Brent Mayabb & Dr. James Barr

In the veterinary profession, mentorship is often a recent graduate or newly-practicing veterinarian seeking out a veterinarian with more experience to become more comfortable and confident working in their clinic setting. It is important to find the right mentor for an individual, as the impact a great mentor can span their entire career and beyond.

Nutrition into Every Visit

Featuring: Dr. Craig Datz, Dr. Megan Sprinkle, and Dr. Lindsey Bullen

Many pet owners are looking for nutritional recommendations when they visit a veterinarian, but often times, the topic is not discussed. Today, as part of our special nutrition series we’ll discuss potential reasons why that might be the case, ways to ensure the conversation occurs and the benefits of discussing nutrition at every client visit.

Is it Okay to Feed Human Food or Homemade Diets to Cats and Dogs?

Featuring: Dr. Craig Datz, Dr. Megan Sprinkle, and Dr. Lily Johnnson

As part of our special nutrition series, this podcast explores topics of particular interest to veterinary nutritionists: When is it appropriate to feed cats and dogs human food? Is it ever okay to prepare homemade diets? Learn directly from veterinary nutritionists what role they serve in working with veterinarians and pet owners to determine appropriate feeding for each individual cat or dog.

Why Is There a Gap in Regular Vet Care for Cats?

Featuring Dr. Gail Golab, Dr. Kendall Houlihan, and Dr. Laura Pletz

Americans love cats! According to a recent survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Royal Canin, 84% of those surveyed said their cat is important to them and therefore their health is important. So, why is there a gap in regular vet care for cats? This podcast discusses some of the reasons for this gap, the importance of preventive care, and how feline enrichment can aid in successful visits to the vet.

Transforming Clinics to be FELINE-FOCUSED

Featuring Dr. Natalie Marks & Dr. Leslie Estelle

With less than half of all cats in the United States visiting the veterinarian on a regular basis, changes need to be made to encourage this trend to shift. Getting the cats to the clinic is only part of the problem. When practices are not designed to be feline-focused, the cat and cat owner may both have negative experiences. This podcast explores some simple, and not-so-simple, changes clinics can make to be more welcoming of cats.

The Power of Giving Back

featuring Kim Van Syoc and Dr. Brent Mayabb

Research shows that a business has less turnover and more productivity when they make giving back a priority. And, we have heard time and time again that consumer make decisions on who they do business with based on a company’s purpose. This podcast will address the concept of giving back specific to the veterinary industry and how it can truly make associates feel a part of something greater just by having these opportunities.

Encouraging Cat Owners toBring Their Cats to the Vet

featuring Dr. Catherine Lenox and Jane Brunt, DVM

Less than half of all cats in the US visit the veterinarian regularly. While it is difficult to transport the pet, another factor is the experience when arriving to the clinic. Hear tips and tricks for making practices more comfortable for cats and their owners, making the transporting process simpler and why it is so important to see more cats in your practice.

The Future of the Veterinary Industry

featuring Dr. Chris Carpenter and Dr. Brent Mayabb

The future of the veterinary industry begins now. Many veterinarians knew from an early age that they wanted to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Hear personal stories from current veterinarians and their career paths, discuss current trends in veterinary medicine and provide tips on how current veterinarians and technicians can support aspiring vets/techs.

Working with Referral Hospitals

featuring Dr. Cathy Meeks and Dr. Matt Jurikson

Referral care is becoming an increasingly common and important part of comprehensive veterinary care for pets. Thoughtful planning is crucial for everyone to have the most seamless experience. This podcast explores best practices in establishing relationships between the referral practices and general practitioners.

Finding Happinessin Veterinary Medicine

featuring Dr. Kimberly Pope-Robinson and Dr. Laura Pletz

The statistics are staggering that male veterinarians were 2.1 times as likely and female veterinarians were 3.5 times as likely to die from suicide as were members of the U.S. general population. During this podcast, veterinarians will discuss finding happiness in veterinary medicine, by managing emotional wellbeing, creating a career that is sustainable, and combatting stress.

Talking to Pet OwnersAbout Nutritional Myths

featuring Dr. Catherine Lenox and Dr. Lisa Weeth

Consumers are being inundated with current trends and taking non-expert advice on nutrition. How do we help clinics overcome this challenge in order to have educated, scientific but consumer-friendly conversations with the pet owners they see.

How to Have UncomfortableConversations with your Clients

featuring Dr. Andy Roark and Dr. Megan Hill

Chances are, if a pet owner is overweight, his or her pets will be too. So how do you delicately broach the subject of their pet’s obesity? Among other topics, this discussion will address having difficult conversations with your clients without leaving both you and them feeling insulted or defeated.