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Detect, Protect, Connect

You want to provide patients with the best possible care. Detect, protect, connect is a single system that offers 3 ways to integrate pet care. Detect begins with products to support diagnosis. Protect is about balanced, targeted nutritional support. Connect is providing proactive educational tools, with professional resources always at your fingertips.

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Detect: with proactive care

Royal Canin® Hematuria Detection, technology by Blücare

  • Easy-to-use at-home urinary screening test
  • Detects blood in cat urine
  • Home detection for proactive in-clinic treatment


Urinary Multifunction

Protect: support your patient’s urinary health and response to stress

Feline Urinary SO® + CALM

  • Complete and balanced adult cat food
  • Highly palatable and digestible
  • Supports a healthy urinary tract
  • Includes calming nutrients for cats facing stressful environmental situations



Connect: to satisfy your professional curiosity

Royal Canin® educational tools deliver more than just knowledge

  • Information and content across a wide range of feline urinary topics
  • Continuing education courses through Royal Canin® Live
  • Explore podcasts, live CE sessions, TechTalks and more
  • Upcoming CEs include Feline Urolithiasis Management, Calcium Oxalate Urolithiasis in Cats, and Hematuria Detection

Because you can't go home with them,

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A breakthrough in at-home hematuria detection

Royal Canin Hematuria Detection, technology by Blücareis a litter box granule for at-home hematuria detection. Use this novel tool, backed by science to catch FLUTD earlier. It’s a simple way to partner with cat owners to deliver proactive feline urinary care. Available only through veterinarians.

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Demonstrated effectiveness

Validated in a multiphase study that measure sensitivity. For a positive result of 1+ higher, sensitivity was 91.5%, specifically was 90.9%, and the positive and negative predictive values (PPV and NPV) were 93.5% and 88.2%, respectively1:

  • Detects microhematuria with high sensitivity and specificity, despite significant effects of pH and proteinuria
  • Lowest reactivity threshold of 100 red blood cells(RBC)/mL, corresponding to approximately 12 RBC/hpf2
  • Offers wide applicability of use across multiple clinical situations and scenarios such as iatrogenic hematuria secondary to cystocentesis
  • Help to differentiate medical vs. behavioral causes of inappropriate elimination when used to monitor FLUTD patients
  • Easy to usein both the clinic and home settings

Be sure to talk to cat owners about the benefits of proactive monitoring their cat with FLUTD.

References: 1. Khenifar E. et al, 2018. 2. Khenifar E. et al, 2018


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Manage urinary disease while supporting feline response to stress

Multifunction Urinary SO® + Calm offers complete and balanced nutrition in a formula that is palatable and highly digestible for adult cats. Recommended to help support patients with FLUTD, Urinary SO® + CALM promotes a urinary environment unfavorable to the development of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals while providing calming nutrients.

Urinary tract health

Formulated to increase the urine volume and help in the management of both struvite and calcium oxalate crystals through the use of Relative Supersaturations (RSS) methodology.

Claiming support

Contains hydrolyzed milk protein and L-tryptophan to help manage cats exhibiting fearful behaviors in stressful environments and social situations.


Stress and urinary disease

Stress is known to impact health, and cats with Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC) appear to have an over-active stress response. As a result, lower urinary tract signs may arise from stressful home environments of behavioral circumstances.

Cat owners may not recognize the signs of stress and its impact on urinary health. Talking to them about their cat’s response and reactions could be a good proactive step.

Curious about recurrence and the long-term course of cats presenting with FLUTD?

FLUTD is associated with inappropriate elimination and clinical signs such as stranguria, pollakiuria, hematuria and periuria. No matter the underlying cause, recurrent episodes of FLUTD occur in >50.0% of cats1 and many of these cats may suffer from multiple relapses. Recurrent episodes with inappropriate elimination can lead owners to give their cats up to animal shelters or to decide on euthanasia. 2,3

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References: 1. Kaul E, Hartmann K, Reese S, Dorsch R. Recurrence rate and long-term course of cats with feline lower urinary tract disease. Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery. 2019;22(6):544-556. 2. Patronek GJ, Glickman LT, Beck AM, et al. Risk factors for relinquishment of cats to an animal shelter. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 1996;209: 582–588. 3. Hetrick PF and Davidow EB. Initial treatment factors associated with feline urethral obstruction recurrence rate: 192 cases (2004–2010). J Am Vet Med Assoc. 2013; 243:512–519.

What is RSS Technology?

Relative Supersaturation (RSS) technology uses a complex calculation that measures the concentration of key substances including those that form struvite or calcium oxalate crystals in urine. In the late 1990s, the researchers who developed the RSS methodology for humans collaborated with scientists at the Waltham Petcare Science Institute to validate Relative Supersaturation technology for use in cats and dogs.

Stay curious with continuing education and Royal Canin®

We know that you’re continually adapting the way you work to meet the needs of your pet owners and patients, and to keep with the with latest in cat care. For busy professionals like yourself, we offer feline-focused opportunities in continuing education:

  • CE & Vet Tech Talks with leading industry professionals on diet, hot topics, tips and tricks.
  • Earn CE Online. Royal Canin® Live, featuring on-demand resources for both CE (RACE-approved) and non-CE content. These opportunities are available for anyone in the industry. The topics and time vary each week.

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CE Summer Series


June 14 at 5 pm CST

Anne-Marie Germain, DVM


July 7 at 7 pm CST

Julie Bryon, DVM, MS, DACVIM


August 23 at 12 pm CS

Dr. Kelly St-Denis, MSc, DVM, DABVP

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Royal Canin Vet Talk Podcast

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