Help ease stress for more success with ROYAL CANIN® PILL ASSIST™. Whether it's a one-time pill or a twice a day pill getting dogs to swallow medication can be quite a challenge.

PILL ASSIST'S adaptale shape allows the owner to mold the pill securely to help successfull pill intake. ROYAL CANIN® PILL ASSIST™ also has a 97% successfull pill administration rate.*

*Royal Canin internal study 2017, 97% acceptance by medium and large dogs. 98% acceptance by small dogs.

Pill Treatment Doesn't end
with a prescription

1 out of 4** pet owners leave the clinic with a prescription for pills or capsules, but 1 out of 3** pet owners admint that their dog spits out the pill or the capsule. PILL ASSIST™ is available in two sizes for small dogs and medium to large dogs to ensure a positive experience for both the dog and the owner.

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*Royal Canin Internal Data 2018, study with 1,800 pet owners in the United States.