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Targeted Nutrition for Aging Urinary Health

Manage urinary conditions in aging patients

Our new Urinary SO® Aging 7+ product is tailored to target specific urinary issues in aging pets and can be used to manage Lower Urinary Tract Disease and signs of aging in cats and dogs. It also uses Relative Supersaturation methodology to lower the risk of struvite and calcium oxalate urolithiasis.

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Urinary Conditions Deserve to be Diluted

Nutrition can play a key role in urinary recovery. Our complete line of Urinary SO® products nutritionally supports your patients’ urinary tract and bladder health.

Struvite Dissolution

Provides nutrition that aids in the management of pure struvite uroliths.


Relative Supersaturation (RSS) methodology predicts the crystallization potential of urine and is used to lower the concentration of ions contributing to struvite and calcium oxalate urolithiasis.

Urine Dilution

Increases urine volume to reduce the saturation of urine containing calcium and struvite crystals.

Controlled Magnesium

Formulated with reduced levels of magnesium, a natural component of struvite stones.

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Get to the bottom of feline inappropriate urination

Feline inappropriate urination is the top behavior problem among feline patients and the #1 reason families relinquish their cats1. That's why Royal Canin is dedicated to help vets like you diagnose the problem, so you can help treat it.

Read the white paper by Dr. Amy Pike, DVM, DACVB for information on abnormal urination and how to interpret the signs.

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1. Salman MD, Hutchison J, Ruch-gallie R, Kogan L, Kass PH, Scarlett JM. Behavioral Reasons for Relinquishment of Dogs and Cats to 12 Shelters. J Appl Anim Welf Sci. 2000; 3(2):93-106.

What is RSS Technology?

Relative Supersaturation [RSS] technology uses a complex calculation that measures the concentration of key substances including those that form struvite or calcium oxalate crystals in urine. In the late 1990s, the researchers who developed the RSS methodology for humans collaborated with scientists at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition to validate Relative Supersaturation technology for use in cats and dogs.

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