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If Someone is Experiencing a Mental Health Crisis, Call 988.

Mental Wellbeing for Veterinary Professionals

We work with veterinary professionals across the country every day, so we understand the struggles you face. In a working environment where you have to contend with stressed clients, sick pets and management under pressure –it's easy for our mental health to be affected.

Here at Royal Canin, we’re dedicated to supporting mental health and wellbeing for veterinary professional. Royal Canin in collaboration with Mars Veterinary Health offers free resources for veterinary professional to help manage their mental health and wellbeing.

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How Veterinary Professional May be Affected

If you’re a pet professional, or work in a veterinary practice, you may already know the pressure points. Here are some of the most common ways veterinary professional may be impacted in the workplace.

Cognitive Distortions

Do you ever feel like you jump to conclusions too quickly? Like you discount the positive in your job and can’t help but focus on negative experiences or difficult clients? Cognitive distortions may be holding you back.


We all want to do the best for our clients and their pets – but sometimes that urge can cause us to over-exert ourselves. We’re here to support the many veterinary professional who suffer from burnout every year.

Domestic Abuse reports that 50% of victims of domestic abuse delay reporting a crime to protect their animals. We explore how staff should handle clients they suspect are victims, and how to support staff who experience it.

Moral Stress

When dealing with the suffering of pets and their clients – it's normal to feel fatigued by the stress we’re put under to make difficult decisions. We look at some of the common causes of moral stress and how you can address it in the workplace.

Bullying Clients

We’re drilled to believe that the customer is always right, but clients can often overstep the mark when they’re concerned about their pet. We explore how clients’ behavior can become bullying and what to do about it.

An Undermining Boss

The stresses of a busy veterinary practice can often spill over into conflicts between management and veterinary professional. Here’s how management can undermine staff and how to resolve issues

Need Extra Support?

We offer free resources and support to all veterinary professionals through our collaboration with Mars Veterinary Health.

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Online Suicide Prevention Training

The following links contain information and further resources on the topic of preventing veterinary suicide and dealing with the aftermath.

AVMA: Helping veterinary staff members cope with suicide

AVMA: Education, communication are important strategies to prevent suicide among veterinarians