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A Breakthrough in At-Home Hematuria Detection

Introducing Royal Canin Hematuria Detection, technology by Blücare,* a novel tool backed by science. Increase the chances of seeing patients earlier with these veterinarian-recommended litter granules for at-home hematuria detection.

Make proactive wellness a part of your practice.

Demonstrated Effectiveness

Validated in a multiphase study that measured sensitivity. For a positive result of 1+ or higher, sensitivity was 91.5%, specificity was 90.9%, and the positive and negative predictive values (PPV and NPV) were 93.5% and 88.2%, respectively1:

  • Detects microhematuria with extreme sensitivity, despite significant effects of pH and proteinuria: lowest reactivity threshold of 100 red blood cells(RBC)/mL, corresponding to approximately 12 RBC/hpf2
  • Easy to use in both the clinic and home settings
  • Offers wide applicability of use across multiple clinical situations and scenarios

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Granules With
Incorporated Reagent

When hemoglobin is detected in feline urine, a chromogenic enzyme reaction occurs, turning the white litter granules BLUE. This color change helps cat owners determine that a veterinary consult is needed.

Test results may vary based on conditions of use and other factors such as a cat's diet and medication. Each test has its limitations, false positives, and false negatives. Accuracy of results is not guaranteed.

Hematuria Indicates More Than 20 Health Concerns3

Unlike products that measure changes in pH, Royal Canin Hematuria Detection, technology by Blücare, detects blood in feline urine. Compared to pH, hematuria is a more reliable indicator of urinary issues and is a strong indicator of most LUTD. pH levels can be altered by non-urinary condition or environmental factors.

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Developed to Support your Practice

Royal Canin Hematuria Detection, technology by Blücare:

  • Provides reassurance to cat owners as they monitor their cat’s urinary health
  • Helps drive cat owner compliance with your recommendations
  • Increases the chances of seeing patients at an early stage of LUTD

Make proactive wellness a part of your practice.Learn about benefits of being a customer.

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